Monday, February 7, 2011

Feeling Better

Getting some of my anxieties written down last night has really helped me to relax a bit today. Part of it may be that tomorrow we'll be going shopping, but I found that I wasn't hungry between meals today, and I didn't fret about having a little snack. On the other hand, we were kind of bad locavores today. I ate some of our "medicinal" oyster crackers*, and the Bear cooked tonight's hamburger with a bit of olive oil. And we figured out (embarrassingly belatedly) that Tofutti Cuties are not actually local. At least we bought them at a locally-owned grocery store.

Today's breakfast was oatmeal with brown sugar from Bob's Red Mill. Lunch was a couple of boiled eggs from a NW farm. I had some oyster crackers and a Washington apple, and for dinner we had cheeseburgers on Oregon Grain bread from Naturebake, with Tillamook cheese and beef from Eastern Oregon, with some frozen Oregon veggies on the side. Absolutely yummy, for about $2.50 each. Rough estimate for our daily total is about $8.

Basically, we've gotten through the first week pretty well. We have a lot of the staple foods we bought last Tuesday left over, as well as some eggs and vegetables. I feel more secure, knowing that. And I'm looking forward to, rather than dreading, the rest of the experiment.


*We both had upset tummies on Saturday, probably due to abrupt rise in fiber and butter intake, so we got some saltines and oyster crackers, as well as some ginger ale. No local crackers, but at least the soda was made in Oregon. Also, we put this down as medicinal expenses, rather than food. Kind of cheaty? Maybe.

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